The Juggerknot Wraps are a innovative wrap system based on a tried and true design. The advanced rubber technology and material used to grab and hold the surface of each revolution around the targeted area prevents any sliding and loss of compression. The Juggerknot helps create that elusive “ouroboros compression” effect with maximum rebound throughout the entire range of motion, while maintaining a high level of comfort alongside the Danger Close support. Whether your training calls for max tightness, a snug fit, or a casual wrap, the versatility of the Juggerknot makes it ideal for pre-hab, “Actions On The Objective”, and recovery . There are many like it. This one is yours and we will show you how to use it more effectively. 
• Safest wrap ever. Stays in place. Doesn’t slide or slip around. Lock and Load. 

• Grips to itself. No need for glue or chalk to make your wrap stick. No grip is ever too strong. Embrace it!

• Locks. The Juggerknot grabs the surface of each revolution allowing the wrap to lock in place. 

• Superior Compression. “Wider and longer” gives increased effectiveness in a larger surface area and added versatility 

• Rebound. Like to skwatt heavy? These will give you safe, supportive, and a Quick Reaction out of the hole and through the full range. 

• Comfort. The materials FEEL good against the skin. 

• Versatility. The Juggerknot is like a genuine MultiPurpose tool. Everything we do has multiple functions to allow for added capacity, function, and users increased performance.

Juggerknot Wraps - pair